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SUN OMNIPROP® Ultra-Lightweight Proppant (ULWP) is designed for stimulation of unconventional wells to provide significantly greater fracture conductivity via unparalleled proppant placement in the far field fracture area and improved reservoir contact. SUN OMNIPROP® is an advanced thermoset nanocomposite bead, featuring near-neutral buoyancy, high strength and thermal stability for application in most reservoirs with or without conventional proppants. This breakthrough ULWP provides technical resolution to the primary limitations which impair conventional proppant placement and performance. The high strength and near-neutral specific gravity of SUN OMNIPROP® ULWP are designed to optimize proppant transport, placement, and conductivity longevity allowing you to “Prop What You Frac!”

Utilization: SUN OMNIPROP® ULWP is used to provide effective propped fracture conductivity throughout the fracture network due to the material’s low specific gravity and near-neutral buoyancy in waterbased fluids. The addition of 3%-5% by weight to the overall proppant volume delivers significant production increases over conventional sand proppants alone


2,000 lb super sacks