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  • Compatible with other drilling fluid additives
  • Minimizes damage to production zones
  • Broad range particle size distribution
  • Non-polluting, non-sheening
  • Does not alter mud rheological properties
  • Does not foam
  • Greatly improves lubricity of fluid
  • LC50 >1,000,000
  • No affect to mud toxicity value
  • Mixes easily on location

SX-PLUS® provides a thermally stable fluid loss additive for high or low temperature wells. Based on extensive lab tests and field applications, it is known that a specific particle size will seal the face of porous sands and other formations helping reduce the differential pressure transfer. SX-PLUS ® graphitic particles with a PSD ranging from 40 mesh to >200 mesh (425 to >75 microns) are classified in that specific size range to effectively reduce fluid loss. SX-PLUS® has a very high melting point unlike resins or gilsonite based products. This carbon-based material has been treated at temperatures over 600°F (315°C) providing excellent thermal stability down hole.


50-pound bags (22.6 Kg) 50 sacks per pallet