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The challenge of economically resolving torque and drag issues in the shortest time is not trivial. Sun Drilling Products meets this challenge with a dual particle blend that combines SUN’s co-polymer bead technology and beaded graphite. Whether you are having a problem getting through a tight spot or want to ensure your casing gets to the bottom, Lubra-Slide® Beads provides you with the lubricity and stand-off required. Lubra-Slide® Beads

Designed to:

  • Reduces torque and drag
  • Reduces casing wear
  • Non-abrasive
  • Compatible with both oil and water base mud
  • Environmentally safe
  • Exceptional resistance to deformation
  • Thermally stable in downhole drilling environments

Typical Uses for Lubra-Slide® Beads

  • Aids in directional changes or sliding
  • Aids in the prevention of sticking of liners or casing
  • Additional mechanical lubrication for all muds
  • Allows more true weight to bit
  • Spot in hole prior to logging operations
  • Spot in key seats, dog legs, etc. to reduce torque, drag, and sticking problems


  • Concentrations of 2 – 8 ppb (5.71 – 22.87 Kg/m3) is normally sufficient to resolve torque and drag
  • Concentrations of 8 –12 ppb (22.87 – 34.31 Kg/m3) will be sufficient for spotting in logging, liners and running
  • casing
  • Lubra-Slide® Beads can easily be added through the mud-mixing hopper


  • Lubra-Slide® Beads are available in 50 lbs (22.6 Kg) sacks, 48 or 50 sacks per pallet, 2000 lb. super-sacks.

Physical Properties

  • Form: Spherical beads
  • Color/Size: Translucent/Black
  • Specific gravity: 1.06-1.60
  • Thermally stable: >450°F Bottom hole temperatures


50 lb/sacks (22.6 Kg)

Pallet (48 sacks of 50 lb)