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Two components for a two-way solution for coil tubing or drilling applications

Liqui-Beads provides the combination of a liquid lubricant and the premium performance of SUN’s own LUBRA-GLIDE co-polymer beads in a single product application. This combination gives you the tools to solve torque, drag, and friction issues immediately in a single application package.

  • Reduces torque and drag associated with coil tubing drilling, logging, workover, or completion applications
  • Suspended fine LUBRA-GLIDE co-polymer beads offer excellent mechanical lubrication. Fine grade beads average 247 microns or 65 mesh
  • The premium liquid lubricant component has a high affinity for metal and bonds with these surfaces, reducing the coefficient of friction between the work string and wellbore
  • Non-aromatic components will not harm mud motors, MWD, or LWD tools
  • LC50 >750,000 at 2% concentration
  • Bio-degradability index ~60% (28 days)

Physical Properties

  • Form: Liquid with suspended Fine grade Lubra-Glide co-polymer beads
  • Color: Light brown
  • Density: 7.3 pounds per gallon
  • Thermally stable: 400°F (204°C)
  • Pour Point: <-20°F (<-28°C)
  • Boiling Point: >450°F (>232°C)
  • Freezing Point: <-20°F (<-28°C)


Liqui-Beads can be mixed directly into most mud systems via injection pump, pill form, or gravity feeding, directly over the mud pump suction.

Total system treatment:

  • Mix slowly through metered additions while circulating.
  • Mix up to 1% Liqui-Beads evenly throughout the circulating volume to reduce torque and drag.
  • Pills and Sweeps: Spot pills, approximately 2% Liqui-Beads with sufficient volume to cover the BHA or problem area and/or build sections. After spotting a pill stop circulation, rotate and reciprocate the string for up to 10 minutes, allowing the product to saturate the zone before continuing operations.


5-gallon pails (18.9 liters)

55-gallon drums (208 liters)

275-gallon totes