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Clean it safely, clean it economically!

    • Biodegradable and contains <5% phosphates
    • Removes oil and degreases engines, heavy machinery, tools, offshore oil platforms and drilling rigs
    • Degreases tanks, barge compartments, sour bilges, engine rooms, wash-down decks and bulkheads
    • Cleans oil muds, bunker C creosote, mildew and mold, grease and grime, cosmoline, No. 6 crude, carbon dust, algae and most oil-based products

    EnviroKlean is a versatile washing agent and degreaser for industrial, oilfield and marine use.

    Physical Properties

    • Specific gravity: 1.04
    • Appearance: Clear blue/purple liquid
    • Boiling point: ~212°F (~100°C)
    • Freezing point: 28°F (-2.2°C)
    • Solubility: Infinite
    • pH: 12.5

    Application and Mixing Procedures

    • EnviroKlean can be applied by mop, sponges or spray equipment. Always allow the solution to penetrate deposits and grime before rinsing off.
    • EnviroKlean is a concentrated cleaner and may be used full strength or diluted with freshwater or seawater.
    • Suggested dilutions are:
      • Light cleaning: 1 part EK to 5-15 parts water.
      • Medium cleaning: 1 part EK to 3 to 5 parts water.
      • Heavy cleaning: 1 part EK to 1 to 2 parts water.
      • Extreme Problem: Apply full strength; let soak then agitate vigorously.
    • Rinse cleaned area or equipment thoroughly.


    5-gallon pails (18.9 liters)

    55-gallon drums (208 liters)

    275-gallon totes