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FloMax SSC®

Synthetic gravel pack material for superior sand control in horizontal wells

  • Tested for 1,000+ hours under constant pressure and heat with no breakage
  • Use of low-density gravel pack material improves placement efficiency
  • The spherical shape of gravel pack material allows for maximum flow rates from the reservoir
  • Resistance to deformation is greater than 26,000 psi hydrostatic


The introduction of ultra lightweight (ULW) particles for gravel pack was deemed a “Quantum Leap in Horizontal Gravel Pack Technology” (SPE 94945). The development of FloMax SSC with a specific gravity of 1.06 in a stable nanocomposite co-polymer bead provides the operator with controled placement not previously achievable. FloMax SSC can be placed in higher volumes with lower pumping rates and less fluid volume allowing the operator achieve both production and economic goals.

The spherical form of FloMax SSC accomplishes the primary goal of formation retention, sand control and provides the optimum flow path around a smooth surface for the produced fluids to reach the well bore unrestricted. The challenges for production companies in the years to come will be to drill in higher temperature environments and to drill further horizontally into producing formations. Gravel pack placement issues need a solution (SPE 98298); FloMax SSC provides it.

FloMax SSC is durable, not acid soluble, will not crush or break forming restricting fines and contaminating the effluent stream. The 14/40 and 30/80 size ranges deliver the particle size distribution most needed to accomplish a good well design.

Physical Properties

  • Form: Spherical solid bead
  • Color: Black
  • Micron: Customized by request
  • Micron Range:  1400µ-425µ & 595µ-180µ
  • Specific Gravity: 1.06


2,000 lb super sacks