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Best in Class Metal-To-Metal Lubricity At Its Best
Designed for drilling and coiled tubing operations

  • No aromatics
  • Non-toxic and non-sheening
  • Exhibits an LC50 in excess of 750,000 ppm
  • 99% return permeability in Berea sandstone
  • Reduces the coefficient of friction
  • Allows more weight to BHA
  • Decreases torque and drag
  • 28-day biodegradability ~ 21%
  • Acid solubility ~ 99%
  • Thermally stable to 400°F (204°C) in circulating mode


EZE-Slide drilling fluid additive is a non-sheening, oil-soluble lubricant with an extremely high attraction to metal surfaces. This polar attraction increases the efficiency of EZE-Slide as it initially adheres to metal instead of other surfaces such as drill solids. This metal affinity permits coil tubing and drill pipe to coat much quicker than standard water-soluble lubricants, allowing for a more effective and efficient lubricating process.

EZE-Slide was created to reduce the coefficient of friction that exists between the coil tubing and the casing or the drilling assembly and the wellbore and casing. EZE-Slide reduces weight stacking in highly deviated wellbores, allowing the transfer of more weight to the bit. This increases ROP, decreases torque and drag and minimizes problems tripping in and out of the hole in drilling, workover and coiled tubing operations.

Physical Properties

  • Form: Liquid
  • Color: Light to Dark Brown
  • Density: 7.5 pounds/gallon (900 kilograms/m3)
  • Pour Point: -35°F   -37°C

Mixing Recommendations

  • It is generally best to mix the product through slow-metered addition into the mud system, preferably in anticipation of the need to slide.
  • Do not mix through the hopper.
  • Spotting a pill and working it into the affected area or sweeping the product is an extremely effective application method.
  • 1% by volume is normally sufficient to accomplish the objective.
  • Applications greater than 2% are strongly not recommended.


5-gallon pails (18.9 liters)

55-gallon drums (208 liters)

275-gallon totes