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DrilCon D

The D-finitive solution to reactive shales and clays

DRILCON D is a blend of non-ionic and anionic surface-active agents designed to reduce interfacial tension between water, solids, and clays in water-based drilling fluids.

  • Minimizes the hydration of shales, clays,and formation solids
  • Reduces bit and BHA balling
  • Reduces solids and ultra-fine solids build up
  • Increases shale shaker efficiency
  • Minimizes haul off and disposal
  • Minimizes gumbo downtime
  • Maximizes ROP
  • Reduces swab and surge potential
  • Does not adversely affect mud system LC50

Physical Properties

  • Specific gravity 8.83 ppg
  • Appearance Clear red liquid


  • Maintain 1% by volume while drilling gumbo type or highly reactive clays
  • Add continuously to pump suction
  • Running casing in reactive formations 55-gallon/50bbls (7.9 m3) drilling fluid


15 lbs of product

55-gallon drums (208 liters)

275-gallon totes