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Drill Bit STIXX

Improving drill bit performance one connection at a time!
SUN’s DRILL BIT STIXX are designed to increase the drilling efficiency and life of the drill bits. The slick coating and foaming actions increase the efficiency of the drilling process by preventing the clays from sticking and balling up on the drill bit during drilling operations. This same non-stick coating and foaming action minimizes potential jets plugging, optimizing mud and cutting circulation while improving drill bit rate of penetration.

  • Non-toxic
  • No effect on LC50 value of active mud system
  • No adverse effect on overall rheological properties
  • Easily applied
  • Conveniently packaged for on-site handling
SUN-DBS 158 1 5/8 X 18 1-2 sticks/connection
SUN-DBS 138 1 3/8 X 16 2-3 sticks/connection
SUN-DBS 114 1 ¼ X 15 2-4 sticks/connection
SUN-DBS 100 1 X 15 3-6 sticks/connection


  • The application procedure is to drop the specified number of SUN’s DRILL BIT STIXX into the drill string each time a connection is made. The fluid movement down the hole releases the surfactants and friction reducer which dissolve into the drilling fluid and lubricating the metal surfaces. It is important to add the recommended number of sticks to obtain optimal results.
  • The number of SUN’s DRILL BIT STIXX to be used may vary for any drilling operation. The weight of mud, drilling depth and formation can also affect the number of sticks to be dropped. The suggested applications are based on normal drilling operations and should be adjusted for your specific situation.


60 sticks per pail