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Exceptional lubricity for water based drilling fluid
ENVIRO-DRIL is a highly effective environmentally safe lubricant for water-based drilling fluids. It is designed to enhance the coefficient of friction while reducing torque and drag. ENVIRO-DRIL has an affinity for metal and reduces the friction between the drill string and wall cake and between the coiled tubing and casing wall.

  • Compatible in all drilling fluids
  • High affinity for metal
  • Minimal effect on rheology
  • High operational temperature stability – 300°F
  • Minimizes bit balling
  • Water dispersible
  • Excellent for coiled tubing applications

SUN’S ENVIRO-DRIL testing indicates COF reduction >80% in dispersed freshwater drilling fluid at 2% concentration. Using Generic Mud #8, the reduction was 74.5% at a 2% concentration. The reduction in a polymer/brine was approximately 52% at 2% and >75% at 3% concentration. The impact on produced water has also been significant at >34% at 2% concentration. All testing indicated SUN’S ENVIRO-DRIL is readily dispersible and compatible with systems tested.

SUN’S ENVIRO-DRIL is designed to be successful in solving problems relating to angle building, angle dropping, kick-off point difficulties, and mud motor drag in conventional and unconventional wells.

Physical Properties

  • Density: 0.8-1.0
  • Appearance: Dark amber/brown liquid

Application and Mixing Procedures

  • 1%-3% by volume


5-gallon pails (18.9 liters)

55-gallon drums (208 liters)

275-gallon totes