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Lubra-Glide is the original CE co-polymer bead and the only bead made exclusively for the Petroleum Industry.
Lubra-Glide CE Co-Polymer Beads are spherical solid beads that provide mechanical lubrication, significantly reducing drill string wear and casing wear prevention through standoff and impact absorption.
Lubra-Glide Bead® Recovery Unit is the original BRU technology
The Lubra-Glide Bead Recovery Unit (BRU) (Patent # US RE 38,367 E) is a system by which our patented process of recovering Lubra-Glide Beads for continuous recycling in drilling and completion fluids is accomplished.


  • We were trying to run a liner and it wouldn’t go. We mixed a CoastaLube (at 6%) Lubra-Glide bead pill (at 10 ppb) and circulated to cover the lateral section. As soon as pill exited bit liner began to move and liner was ran and cemented and well completed.

    Company Man, Rocky Mountains
  • Because of the extremely high torque we encounter, the only two ways we can drill these wells is with SUN’s Drill Beads, or using oil-based mud. It’s much less expensive to use the beads and SUN’s recovery unit.

    Major Independent, DJ Basin
  • Yes, I am very pleased with the performance of the (Lubra-Glide) beads. It really got us out of a bind on the well. I would be more than happy to help you guys out if you need a reference. Thanks for your services and keep in touch.

    Drilling Engineer, Permian Basin
  • We lost complete returns in this 4¾” open hole with 2 7/8” drill pipe. We had 100K of weight stacking through curve and open hole. (SUN) suggested to us to spot a Lubra-Glide Bead pill down the backside. It worked great! We started drilling off at 15 FPH with only 18K and torque dropped 100 amps”.

    Company Man, Lee County Texas
  • After the addition of Lubra-Glide coarse our ROP increased, sometimes doubling. Wall sticking decreased, torque dropped while rotating. Those (Lubra-Glide) beads really helped a lot.

    Directional Driller, West Texas